Facing Compassion Fatigue Head On (2023)

Speaker: Dr. Celine Leheurteux, DVM and founder of EUTHABAG

**If you have completed the previous training of the same title (Facing Compassion Fatigue Head On), given by Dr. Jocelyn Anne Mason, you will not be able to request credit for this training if you have already indicated it in your file RACE (or other).**

- Why those in the veterinary profession are susceptible to Compassion Fatigue
- The road to Compassion Fatigue and burnout
- Evaluating basic human needs
- Stress-busting strategies
- Tips on improving work-life balance for a more fulfilling career

BIOGRAPHY - Dr. CĂ©line Leheurteux, DVM

A graduate of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Montreal in 1999, and she has been in small animal practice since then. Like many veterinarians, she had to euthanize thousands of animals. Having suffered from the lack of training in euthanasia, she is committed to sharing her knowledge and clinical experience with veterinary teams to improve the experience of euthanasia for everyone involved in the process. In the last five years, she has attended international veterinary conferences. She is on a mission to share the best of what she has learned in lectures on end-of-life and communication.

Her focus is on how to structure the customer approach and promote the veterinary team's well-being. Training teams on how to map the euthanasia experience, properly sedate patients, use safer alternate routes of providing medication and teach how to express empathy and deliver bad news. All potential sources of stress for families and veterinary teams.


- Veterinary Team Members
- Students (DVM, RVT, Vet Tech, AHT)

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Program Category: Non-Medical

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  • Introduction - EUTHABAG and Tarra, RVT
  • Facing Compassion Fatigue Head On Conference
  • Quiz: 5 questions about Facing Compassion Fatigue Head On (70% passing score)
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